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Simple Failover v. 2.0 BETA - Now feature complete

Friday, 31 January 2014

We have just released an update to the Simple Failover v. 2.0 beta (to our beta testers), which now includes the complete v. 2.0 feature set. Since the first beta release, besides fixing a few bugs, we have also added a brand new HTTP API (REST / JSON based) and a new really simple and secure way...

Simple Failover v. 2.0 - Beta version now available

Thursday, 28 November 2013

We are now ready to start beta testing the upcoming version 2.0 of Simple Failover. We have implemented a lot of new features in v. 2.0 - mostly based on user suggestions, and v. 2 really is a big leap forward from v. 1.x. See the new feature list at http://support.simplefailover.com/KB/a21/new-i...