Compare license types

The following table lists the differences between the license types available for Simple Failover v. 2.x:

  Starter Professional * Unlimited * v. 1.x Standard *
Max. number of server sets 3 20 Unlimited 5
Max. number of servers per server set 2 5 Unlimited 2
Max. number of DNS servers updated
(per server set / default)
2 Unlimited Unlimited 2
Update both default and per server set DNS servers No Yes Yes No
Max. number of host names per server set 3 Unlimited Unlimited 2
Wilcard host names No Yes Yes No
HTTP API No Yes Yes No

(*) Licenses purchased for v. 1.x on or after april 1st 2013 also work with v. 2.0/2.1.
A v. 1.x "Professional" license works as an "Unlimited" license in v.2.0/2.1.
The v. 1 "Standard" license type is no longer available for purchase.