Compare license types

The following table lists the differences between the license types available for Simple Failover v. 2.x:

  Professional Unlimited Starter v. 1.x
v. 1.x
Max. number of server sets 20 Unlimited 3 5 Unlimited
Max. number of servers per server set 5 Unlimited 2 2 Unlimited
Max. number of DNS servers updated
(per server set / default)
Unlimited Unlimited 2 2 Unlimited
Update both default and per server set DNS servers Yes Yes No No Yes
Max. number of host names per server set Unlimited Unlimited 3 2 Unlimited
Wilcard host names Yes Yes No No Yes
HTTP API Yes Yes No No Yes

Licenses purchased for v. 1.x on or after april 1st 2013 also work with v. 2.0/2.1.
The "Starter" and "v. 1.x" license types are no longer available for purchase.