Tryout Simple Failover for free - download a full-featured 14 day evaluation version. This same software becomes the full version when licensed - no need to reinstall.

Download and run the following file to install Simple Failover v. 2.1 build 102:

Download "simplefailover-2-1-102-setup.exe" (5.2 MB)

Note: The installer may appear to hang at "configuring Windows features".
This is usually because Windows attempts to download and install the .NET Framework 3.5 in the background, and it usually does move on after some time.
Otherwise try installing the .NET Framework 3.5 yourself, and then retry the Simple Failover installation.

Before downloading, please check the system requirements.

Updates / Release notes

For details on the updates and changes in individual builds, see release notes.

Updating from an earlier v. 2.x build?

Simply download and install above to the same location on your harddisk as the older build.

IMPORTANT: Always make sure to backup your settings and data before updating.

Upgrading from v. 1.x ?

Simple Failover v. 2.x cannot be installed on the same computer as v. 1.x (at least not within the same Windows installation), because v. 2.x requires Windows Vista / Server 2008 or later and v. 1.x requires an earlier Windows version.

Simple Failover v. 2.x cannot directly use a configuration file from v. 1.x, because v. 2.x uses a configuration file in JSON format, where as v.1.x uses a configuration file in XML format. However Simple Failover v. 2.x does include a tool which can convert a v. 1.x configration file into a v. 2.x configuration file. To use this, run "v1upgrade.exe" found in the directory where Simple Failover v. 2.x is installed.

Also before upgrading, make sure to check the list of retired features and breaking changes in Simple Failover v. 2.0

Simple Failover - Microsoft DNS update agent

If you need Simple Failover to update a remote Microsoft DNS server, you will also need to install the Microsoft DNS update agent on that DNS server computer.
Click here for details.

Want to download Simple Failover v. 1.x ?

Licensed users of v. 1.x can download v. 1.21 from here.