Release Notes

This is a detailed list of updates and changes in individual Simple Failover builds.

Version 2.1 builds

Build 102 - October 5th 2018

  • Fixed Polling method "DNS" / "Request recursion" option not working (flag not set in request).
  • Fixed Program crash when receiving DNS requests in a certain format.

Build 101 - April 11th 2018

  • Added Support for polling HTTPS websites using TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 (in addition til SSL3 and TLS 1.0) on Windows 7 / Server 2008 R2 and later.
  • Improved Installer signed with "code sign" certificate. To improve download / install experience.
  • Improved Updated help file. New styling.
  • Improved Updated various Internet links throughout UI.

Build 100 - October 31st 2016

  • Added HTTP "PUT" method and custom HTTP headers for HTTP notification and HTTP DNS update.
  • Fixed Could not start service (in paused state) after trial expired.

Version 2.0 builds

See also Major new features in v. 2.0 and Retired features and breaking changes in v. 2.0.

Build 104 - May 24th 2016

  • Added New "Test notification result" dialog to display command line output (exit code, standard output / error) and HTTP response (headers and body) when using the "Test..." button in the Notification Properties dialog.

Build 103 - August 27th 2015

  • Fixed Program crash when polling DNS server over IPv6.

Build 102 - May 7th 2015

  • Added New polling method "DNS" - Now Simple Failover can also monitor DNS servers.
  • Fixed Error when updating DNS via HTTP - "The 'User-Agent' header must be modified using the appropriate property or method".
  • Fixed Logged "Poll successfull for server XYZ - response: <nothing>"

Build 101 - June 3rd 2014

  • Fixed On 64 bit systems, the main Simple Failover window would open at Window login when "Launch user interface to system tray at Windows login" option was enabled (should only show tray icon).
  • Fixed Program crash if HTTP API client closed connection before HTTP response was sent.

Build 100 - April 11th 2014

  • First offical v. 2.0 release